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Job Hunting during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Part 2

This is the second part of a series of 3 articles discussing the second point of 3 things:

1.      How to secure your job better during this Pandemic

2.      How to find a new job through this time

3.      The 6 top soft skills employers look for during Covid-19

How to find a job during Covid-19

If you lost your job or need to get a new one because your personal situation changed due to the outbreak, the question undoubtedly on your mind is “how do I even begin to search for a new job during this uncertain time?”

In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory he indicates that the ‘Safety Needs’ level is the second most basic level of needs for humans. Along with job security, humans also have a strong need for safeguarding our own and our loved ones’ health and physical safety. Other experts also say that experiencing job loss is one of the top five most stressful events in any person’s life. Having said that, it might sound like right now is a difficult and confusing time to look for a job. Not to worry, it is absolutely normal to feel anxious, negative and feel discouraged to amplify your job search during this time.

Consider the words of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: “In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” You can’t give up or not try. Now more than ever you need to push through and try and try again. These tips might assist you during your job hunt:

Rethink your CV. You as the job seeker should stand out in every CV you send out. Read what the potential position requires. Don’t use the ‘shotgun’ approach and just send out a bunch of CVs. Relook, rethink and rewrite your CV so that you customise covering letters, skills and strengths in order to stand out in each job application. Always have a professional, well thought through and well written CV at hand.

Don’t limit your options. With the high unemployment rate, it is a more competitive job search, but don’t limit your options by being picky or by not thinking out of the box. This might be the perfect time to use your knowledge, skills or qualification for a different industry or angle. There are a lot of other options like doing your own thing, or consulting or even freelance to fill project and contract-based positions.

Don’t forget your own network. Throughout your employment years you built relationships. It might be the time to reach out to them. There is no shame in putting yourself out there. You are your own advertisement and if people know you are available and can vouch for you, you might get an amazing opportunity.

Keep upskilling yourself and keep learning. Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with information and develop your skills. If you learn and gain knowledge you understand the changes better which will give you a unique opportunity to better manage your own outcome. The more skills and knowledge you have the more you have to offer. 

Stop your negative outlook. You couldn’t have predicted this nor can you control how this virus affects the job market and individuals, but you can control your outlook and you can take action. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start being proactive in your job hunt.

Virtual Interviews. This is a reality of the ‘new normal’ in doing business and HR might also adopt this approach when interviewing candidates. Make sure you know about virtual meeting etiquette, sit in a quiet and controlled environment and approach this as you would a normal interview.

Yes, hiring has perhaps slowed down as companies are still trying to figure how to adapt to the ‘new normal’. But there are still companies who are recruiting and looking for skilled talent to problem solve and continue to be resilient in the face of adversity. During the third and final part of this series of three articles, we will discuss “Part 3: The Top Six Skills Employers Who Are Currently Hiring Look For In Potential Recruits During Covid-19.”