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Job Hunting during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Part 3

This is the third part of a series of three articles discussing Job Hunting During The Covid-19 Pandemic. We are now at the end of the series where we list the 6 tops soft skills employers will look for in the ideal candidate.

  1. How to secure your job better during this Pandemic
  2. How to find a new job through this time
  3. The 6 top soft skills employers look for during Covid-19

6 Skills Employers look for in potential recruits during Coronavirus Outbreak.

Statistics South Africa did a survey and published a media statement on 20 May 2020, on “respondents losing jobs or businesses due to Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown” and found that “8,1% of respondents lost jobs or had to close”. But you only need to Google to see that there are still jobs out there and loaded daily…the specs just might be different. Yes, industries have changed, and companies are closing. However, the needs of industries and companies altered as well. For example, marketing positions might be scarce in the tourism industry, beauty industry, advertising agencies or in the manufacturing industries, but might be more prominent in industries that are busier during these times like at a pharmaceutical, logistics or food company.

Regardless of the industry or job you are applying for, being Tech Savvy is at the top of every recruiter’s hiring requirements. But when it comes to soft skills these are the top 6 soft skills recruiters will look for in potential talent:

  1. Flexibility and Ability to Adapt to Change.
  2. Emotional Intelligence, empathy and self-awareness.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills.
  4. Innovation and Creativity.
  5. Leadership qualities.
  6. Curiosity and eagerness to continuously upskill and learn.

Sure enough, getting hired is not going to be easy. But with the right skills, enough drive and self-motivation you will get a job.