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Maintain Hygiene & Cleanliness in your Workspace during and after the CoronaVirus Outbreak

Hygiene and Cleanliness in any work environment is the new norm and should be regarded as a high priority. Yes, the coronavirus is mainly transmitted between people, but touching infected surfaces may increase the spread. Here are 6 tips on how to properly disinfect the work area to keep yourself healthy and your workplace clean during this pandemic.

6 How to Tips to Maintain Hygiene & Cleanliness at Work

1.     Train your office cleaning staff

Maintaining a high and professional level of hygiene and cleaning in the workplace plays a critical role in the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees. It also enhances the overall image of your business to your clients and suppliers. The Mindspa Institute offers a practical, engaging one-day training intervention that will equip all cleaning staff with the skills and knowledge they need to perform. The facilitator also speaks several African languages and engages with the delegates in a practical manner making it more understandable.

2.     Get the right products

Not all products work. Make sure you get cleaning chemicals that are high in alcohol so that you can wipe off your workstation every day. Ensure there is enough hand wash and sanitizers at desks and toilet facilities. 

3.     Disinfect your workstation often

Disinfect your desk, computer, mouse, keyboard, earphones, work phone and your mobile and surfaces you and your colleagues touch on a regular basis like the photocopier, kettle, fridge handle, microwave, door handles, bathroom surfaces etc. Disinfect it properly by leaving the disinfectant on for at least 3 minutes. Your work station decontamination efforts should also be a regular task throughout the day. 

4.      Regular 20 second hand washes

Once you focus on hygiene and cleanliness and its importance in the fight against COVID-19, you realise how many things you actually touch. Sanitize and wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds, especially if you touch surfaces you’re not sure have been sterilised or disinfected. The key is also to avoid touching your face. Always keep a small hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes on you to sanitize new surroundings and objects like a boardroom table, pen or notebook that might be handed out to you. 

5.     Disinfect your phone regularly.

One tends to forget that avoiding touching your face is one thing, but your phone might constantly be touching your face when you make calls or listen to voice notes etc. Clean your mobile and desk phone regularly and with the correct disinfectant. 

6.     Avoid touching and shaking hands.

Avoid touching someone and unnecessary physical contact. People understand the recommendations surrounding infections and thus it is not considered ill-mannered if you don’t shake hands etc. 

Educating and regularly reminding your workers that workplace cleanliness is extremely vital to the wellbeing of your entire organisation. Encourage employees to practise simple and straightforward hygiene and to clean the workspaces at least 2 times a day. Educate them on keeping kitchens and toilet facilities clean at all times.