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Mom warned you about this in business.

Your mom was right! Mothers have a sixth sense. As a child at home, you become aware of this from an early age. Before she can even catch you in the act, she says: “don’t even think about it”! Who can relate?

The skills moms gain from having kids definitely make them smarter and sharper businesspeople. Some of our best entrepreneurs are mothers. Mothers negotiate constantly with the children and solve problems on a daily basis, while multitasking. Mothers warn their kids to stay out of bad crowds. They warn about negative social influences and try to teach kids how to act in situations that are uncomfortable. When you think about it, mothers teach their kids various social skills which make them either emotionally intelligent or not.

So if there is a concept that we thought stood out as a warning in general, was to make sure that we build relationships with our co-workers and stakeholders in business that are wholesome and positive:

  • Make a good first impression and maintain it. Arriving late or dressing inappropriately shows limited respect or can give a wrong impression.
  • Don’t start romantic relationships. Keep your personal and professional life separate.
  • Don’t get drunk or misbehave at work functions. This is very unprofessional and people will lose their respect for you.
  • Don’t surround yourself with negative people or people who moan about management or every single situation at work.
  • Go the extra mile! It’s contagious. Don’t put a price on everything you do, but put in extra effort because you pride yourself on perfecting your work. This rubs off on team members and builds a motivational relationship amongst the team.

Mothers shape the leaders of tomorrow. They have so much to teach us. Only once you are a mom yourself, you will be able to understand that you are actually raising your children for someone else. The Mindspa Institute wishes all the mothers a happy Mother’s Day for 2017. Thank you for all you’ve done to help with soft skills development. We see how each of you forms a part in shaping the future business leaders.