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The gap between knowing and doing is getting bigger…

What do you do when you don’t know something? Who do you ask if you need a “how-to” guide? You Google or watch a YouTube video, right? People have book knowledge, they learn through what they read or watch either at university or on the internet. But they simply don’t have the practical know-how. We call it the gap between knowing and doing. It is, in fact, a vital skills gap and the harsh reality of most companies’ managerial structures.

A skilled managerial team can keep a company moving forward. They lead teams and achieve the goals necessary for growth and success. A vast amount of managers today lack the skills of critical thinking; emotional intelligence; effective communication; problem-solving and decision making skills; adapting to change and managing it, and probably the most important is a huge lack of leadership skills.

New managers don’t have mentors. They don’t have business and life coaches to pass down skills and guide them through their own experiences.  This can be because potential mentors might lack some mentoring skills or don’t understand the importance of transferring their skills to future managers. Various generation gaps can also result in mentors not knowing how to transfer skills and knowledge to the younger generations. The newly appointed managers on the receiving end might not know how to listen, or use these skills and experiences to develop themselves. They might also not understand the reason for mentors and the importance of possessing these skills.

The Mindspa Institute is a soft skills training company specialising in skills development and training programs specifically to up-skill employees, management and leaders. There is a growing need for both Management Development Programmes and Mentorship and Coaching Skills this year in South African businesses. Companies are realising that they should mine the skills of experienced managers and leaders as well as invest in developing skills of newly appointed managers.

Ideal for middle management and supervisors, the Management Development Programme is a six- module training intervention that will equip the attendees not only with a list of actions all leaders and managers should take and which mistakes to avoid but also how to build and lead teams to great performance.

The programme covers all aspects related to leadership and management requirements in today’s business world, including managing change, coaching and mentoring, executive strategy setting, and implementation as well as monitoring, communicating powerfully at an executive level and effectively motivating and inspiring a team through emotionally intelligent behavioural management of people. It will provide them with the knowledge and know-how to ensure sustainable successful leadership and management into the future and help them to be smart with people.