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There is a need to educate staff on Human Sexuality HIV

HIV/AIDS is a reality for all South Africans. Statistics show that HIV/AIDS influence the economy and affects businesses nationwide. There is a definite need for educating people in the workplace. Ag-Chem Africa (Pty) Ltd, situated in Silverton, Pretoria, is part of the Rolfes Holdings Ltd Group that develops and manufactures agricultural products. They partnered with the well-known soft skills training company, The Mindspa Institute, to formulate and present such a workshop on Human Sexuality and HIV.

“Our staff specifically requested training on HIV/AIDS in the workplace and they wanted more knowledge on this”, Lizette Grobler, General Office and Personal Assistant at Ag-Chem, commented.

Upon completing the workshop staff said that they now understand human sexuality and themselves as sexual beings better. This workshop enabled them to reduce stereotyping, become aware of the various myths and they have an increased understanding of HIV risk. Mrs. Grobler said that the feedback they received from their staff was phenomenal.

Ag-Chem was impressed with the exceptional service and training they received from both the sales staff and the facilitator at The Mindspa Institute. “In the five years I have organised the training for our organisation, I have never come across a training company I could call a partner. We will do all our training through The Mindspa Institute as far as possible”.

The Mindspa Institute caters for clients who are in need for specially formulated courses customized to fulfill the needs of their workforce. Because of the time constraints, the one day workshop was rolled out into a morning and afternoon session to accommodate all employees.

An issue addressed was HIV Myths, which was an interactive session exploring the ideas and beliefs surrounding HIV. “The staff just loved the facilitator. They were so at ease with her and she welcomed all the questions. She communicated the message so successfully for everyone to understand”, Mrs. Grobler expressed.

The facilitator had an interactive session to deconstruct sex as a biological concept. Then a discussion surrounding gender as a social construct, sexual orientation as relationships and sexual behaviour linked to HIV, took place where all the employees participated. She went on to educate the staff on the prevention of HIV, as an individual, as a partner and as a member of a community.