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Wake up to wellness in the workplace

There is truth in the saying “you can bring the donkey to the river, but you cannot force the donkey to drink”. Many companies introduce unique, interesting and well thought through Wellness Programmes within their organisations. Still, not enough employees realise the importance of wellness in the workplace. These Wellness Programmes mean nothing if the employees don’t come to the party, so to speak. The onus ultimately lies with the employees to practice self-care, to take advantage of these programmes and to realise the importance of their own wellness in the workplace.

Employees listen up! You have to live under a rock not to feel the pressures of daily life. With the constant deadlines and the ‘rat-race’, there is a lot of room for bad habits to form. If you crave a work-life balance, start to become more aware of how important your own well-being is. Invest in your own wellness which will help you increase a healthy lifestyle to make a real impact on society as a whole and in your company. Try these tips to invest in your own wellness at work:

  • Take advantage of the Wellness Programmes offered by your company. They’ve been developed so you can benefit.
  • Think about your stress levels and whether you are equipped with the right skills to deal with your stress. Pay attention to how your mind and body reacts to stresses at the office. Enrol in a stress management course or practice various stress relieve techniques at the office.
  • Make time for yourself at work. Take breaks and don’t become a workaholic. Find your ‘switch off’ button, like for example closing your office door or when you climb into your car.
  • Practice gratitude and celebrate your achieved goals. Rewarding yourself will make you feel good about yourself and gratefulness enhances your mindfulness.
  • Pack healthy luncheons and create a healthy workspace for yourself at the office. Healthy food helps you be alert and enhances your concentration, whereas a clean and well organised workspace with a touch of your-uniqueness will help with the at-home-feeling as part of your well-being.

Companies rely on healthy productive employees. Everyone wants to feel motivated and energetic. The reality is that employees have to deal with work-stresses, personal issues, illnesses, traumas and unbalanced lifestyles. People are valuable assets, and although companies are expected to take care of their employees, it is also important that employees should practice self-care.

Productivity!  Profitability! These are the war cries of modern business that can result in employees being pushed to the limit of their abilities and energy.  This can be at the expense of their job satisfaction and even their mental health, which in turn can lead to behavioural problems, anger and poor performance. The Mindspa Institute, a soft skills training company offers a powerful one day workshop in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban which will equip employees with an understanding of how they can take care of their mental health in the workplace. During this fun and motivational course they will learn practical tips and personal tools to leave feeling up-skilled and uplifted. They will be able to self-manage their own mental well-being at work.