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Women should stop acting like men in business.

There is still a misconception that women who want to succeed in business need to ‘act like men’. Even women themselves, think that they are expected to ‘man-up’ or ‘grow-a-pair’ to deal with the daily running of business. In fact, all you need is exactly what you are. Businesses need a certain degree of femininity. They need your unique characteristics that only you can bring to the table.

With all the business-reality shows and online articles, we as women are constantly reminded that we are seen as unequal to men. Women are seen as caregivers, child bearers and home makers and thus the inferior race. Society has imprinted this image on women, as being inferior, for thousands of years.

Wake up girls, we are 40 years along the line! Inequality is still very much alive in our modern society. Women are still not being paid equally, or being promoted as fast as men, but we as women should stop the blame-game. If you want something don’t be afraid to go for it. Women should realize just how amazing they are in business. They should look around them and become inspired by all the successful women they are surrounded by.  Sometimes all it takes is to stand up for yourself and ask for that promotion or salary increase.

Women are just as good as men whether it is being an entrepreneur, CEO, CFO or even running the operational and production side of business. Why is it, that although there is no real evidence in performance differences between business run by men and women, women are still viewed as being less capable in business? Is part of the reason perhaps that women in general underestimate their own worth, their own ability and their own skills?

To be fair, women have more hurdles to cross in life than men. They are also constantly reminded of their disadvantageous. They have to balance work and family life. Have you ever looked at a woman’s daily calendar? In between all the meetings and reminders, there are kids’ projects, sport and culture schedules, social engagement etc. but she hardly ever drops the ball.

Yet having this awesome multi-tasking ability, while still showing empathy and collaborating in the work teams, is not enough proof for women to regard themselves as more than able to succeed in business.

If you are a woman in business, chances are that you have on occasion walked into a meeting, being looked at and judged. For most women this is reason enough to fight harder, be more professional and assertive. A lot of other women feel inferior. They doubt themselves even more. There are women who even go as far as to ‘play-dumb’ just to save face.

No no no! Ladies don’t you realize that it starts with you. You are in charge of your own success. We have some advice for all the women out there in South Africa.

  • Start by concentrating on your fellow women’s successes. Look at all the women entering for Business Women Awards and Woman of the Year Awards. Let the stories of their success be like a guidebook. Let them inspire and mentor you through their own experiences and pitfalls.
  • See yourself as a strong and independent woman and raise your daughters alike.  Be someone your daughter can look up to.
  • Discover yourself through Personal Mastery and practice self-care. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep up-skilling and educating yourself by attending soft skills courses in confidence, assertiveness, developing your leadership, etc.
  • Realize that you can be anything you want to be. A dream can become a reality with tenacity, hard work and endurance.

This is the age of women in business. All we need is some confidence and assertiveness skills and to constantly up-skill our soft skills. Women should realize that they are just as good as or even at times better than their male counterpart.

The Mindspa Institute have a great programme called “Essential Skills for Business Women.” This course teaches women the ins and outs of how to cope with daily obstacles in business.